Biological Psychiatry is a medical specialty, which investigates the motives and causes of any disturbances in mental health. It provides advanced treatments aiming to alleviate suffering and promote restoration of health and well being.

Biological Psychiatry considers the whole person, the entire composition of a human being: body, mind, environment, culture, philosophy of life and interpersonal relationships.

A mental disorder can be caused by a primary brain dysfunction, or by dysfunction in other parts of the body. Therefore, several tests may be necessary to reach a more precise diagnosis and, consequently, an appropriate treatment.

Several tests are used to assist in diagnosis: computerized electroencephalography (EEG), sleep study, brain mapping, brain CT Scan, brain MRI, brain Spect and PET, etc.

Biological Psychiatry mind

Only human beings guide their behaviours by a knowledge previous to their birth and by the supposition of what could happen after death. Therefore, only they find their way guided by a light that illuminates beyond the ground they step.

In Popper / Eccles (The Self and its Brain)